Current open executive positions:

Employment Coordinator

  • Long-term planning and goal creation
  • Editing and developing client resumes
  • Conducting interview preparation
  • Facilitating meet-and-greets between employers and employees
  • Performing other duties and tasks as required

Head of Fundraising

  • Securing new sponsors and income
  • Coordinating fundraising events
  • Building fundraising opportunities
  • Delivering organized, structured, and persuasive presentations
  • Performing other duties and tasks as required

Business Liaison

  • Liaising with businesses with the goal of employing program participants
  • Maintaining and building relationships with employers
  • Reaching out to HR managers via Linkedin and other platforms
  • Performing other duties and tasks as required

Event Coordinator

  • Organizing workshops for program participants
  • Preparing modules and educational workshops for businesses (with support of team)
  • Facilitating event registration
  • Planning leadership, confidence and skill building activities
  • Working with team to plan community events (i.e. networking nights, job fairs, etc.)
  • Performing other duties and tasks as required

Social Media Manager

  • Creating original text post content
  • Developing content calendars and managing day-to-day processes of posting and scheduling on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Engaging with the online audience
  • Performing other duties and tasks as required


  • Reserved for individuals who self-identify as neurodivergent
  • Ensuring the organization adheres to best practices surrounding neurodiversity
  • Contributing to meeting discussions and assisting organization in how to best support neurodiverse individuals
  • Liaising with neurodiverse communities
  • Taking on an advocacy role at events and within the community

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